Mensa Events in South East England

There is no Mensa member login to this website; therefore we do not give precise venue locations or details of event organizers here. For details and to participate, look in the Magazine What’s On pages or on page 6 of SEMantics.

Tuesday 27 August Redhill
Saturday 31 August Brighton Yes
Sunday 1 September Brighton
Sunday 1 September Basingstoke Yes
Sunday 8 September Southborough Yes
Tuesday 10 September Horsham
Tuesday 10 September Brighton
Wednesday 11 September Southampton Yes
Thursday 12 September East Grinstead
Saturday 14 September Worthing Yes
Saturday 21 September Bexhill Yes
Saturday 21 September Brighton Yes
Saturday 21 September Bournemouth Yes
Wednesday 25 September Sidcup Yes
Thursday 26 September Basingstoke Yes
Saturday 28 September Faversham Yes

About publishing event details

The deadline for announcements is about the 20th of each month but, if you are planning an event, you should try to write giving details of it to the Regional Meetings Co-ordinator by the 15th of the month to give them time to check all the details, get back to you with any queries, and then complete the file document which they have to send to the British Mensa office by their deadline. In the office, somebody will again double check that all the details of every event are provided, for every region in the British Isles, again getting back to the Regional Co-ordinators with any queries.

All this takes time; and in the office they then collate the files for all the regions and forward them to the Editor of British Mensa magazine to put in the What’s On pages of the month after next (remember, the August Magazine is prepared in June, and so on). The Magazine Editor has to ensure that those pages are correctly placed, along with all the other magazine content for the month, and then get the magazine off to the printers.

In the same way, the office has to send all the regional newsletters off to those printers, at the end of each month, to be printed and then assembled and mailed out in time to all members in every region. The logistics demand this lead time when preparing event details.

Details of events go from the Regional Meetings Co-ordinator to the Regional News Letter Editor (RNLE) who puts them in page 6 of SEMantics for the relevant month, and when that happens the applicable details are also copied to the relevant month’s block for this page. They are enabled in due course.