Groups for Mensans in South East England to join

The British Mensa website

British Mensa has Special Interest Groups (SIGs) covered in the magazine.
See the list at SIGs (log in to the Mensa website first)

Yahoo! groups for Mensans in South East region

The groups on offer are:

Yahoo! groups for certain areas in the South East

The group on offer is:

Yahoo! eGroups offer private online storage for files, photos, a calendar and a group email facility. For information about joining these, see Joining Yahoo! groups.

The Facebook group that Mensans in the South East can join

“Brightspace” is the National Mensa Facebook group. This is a “Secret Group” under Facebook rules, so you will need to apply via the Mensa website )

A South East Region Facebook group was set up but never used much and was archived in October 2017. This means that existing members cannot create new posts, or comment or “like” anything, and new members cannot be added; but existing members can still view all posts already made. Of course, they already needed to know how to go to the group, so no link is given here. It was a “Closed Group” so only members can see posts to it.

Twitter and Mensans in the South East