Guide to the British Mensa website

Home page (for visitors) is
In the current design, which is currently to be replaced by a new design reportedly in development, at most web browsers’ default zoom you need to have a browser window of at least 1200 pixels in width in order to see it all (both sides of the page) without continual sideways scrolling.
(Ian P. Hudson has asked that this be corrected in the new design.)

You need to be logged in

Note that, for most of these links to work successfully and give you the members-only page intended, you will need to be logged in as a Mensa member before you click the link given here.
To do this, in a new web browser tab* go to open (members’ area) and log in (top right hand corner). In the top box you put your Mensa member number; below that you put in your password. Keep that tab open and, if lost, come back to this page in the web browser tab where you have it now.

The following links should then work.
Note that, the way this page is marked up, each link will take you to the page in this browser window.
Click here to open each link in the same new browser window.
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To download regional newsletters either of the South East or of other regions, see our
Guide to downloading regional newsletters.

To update or add your email address or other details, log in as above
then click on the link (top right near Logout) My Profile.

For information about Facebook and Twitter groups and contacts, see Groups.

* Some browsers have to be set for tabbed browsing.