Links for Mensans in South East England Region

An important part of the content of this website is to offer links to pages on four categories of other websites related to your membership of British Mensa and being in our region. These are set out below.

Please note that on certain of these sites much, or almost all, of the content is restricted to members, either of Mensa or of the specific groups for whom the sites exist. To see this specific information which is restricted to members, you need to log in on each particular site on each occasion.

The British Mensa website

See our Guide to the British Mensa website of which the home page is
and also our Guide to downloading regional newsletters.

Other Mensa websites

Social media (Facebook and Twitter) and Yahoo! groups

For each of these systems, you need to join the group or site and log in each time you are going to use it. See Groups.

Information about Mensa and high IQ topics on other websites