Joining Yahoo! groups

Yahoo! groups for Mensans in South East region

The region has several groups that Mensans in the South East can join. They are listed on the page about Groups. This page gives more details for newcomers about how to join such groups.

To receive Yahoo! group email messages, you can just supply an email address, but full access to facilities will require you to register and have a Yahoo ID. However for these S.E. Mensa groups, your Mensa ID etc. is required to join.

A general website for the whole of the South East cannot really be specific to the various areas within the whole region. Several of these smaller areas provide more local information via their own Yahoo group. We know of two: Isle of Wight and Wessex. If you wish to add your local Yahoo group to this site, then please submit an enquiry via the Enquire page.

Read lots more about Yahoo groups on Wikipedia.

To join a Mensa Yahoo! Group simply attempt to visit one. You may be able to request admission there; or, ask your Local Organizer. If there is no local group and you would like to have one, start one of your own — but ask your Local Organizer first!

To perform as a Local Organizer or any other volunteer role, up to Regional Officer, you need to register with Yahoo! to use the group facilities. To do this, go to (the following image of the top of that page split here to fit our page) where you click on “Sign in”:

Here you can sign in if already registered, or else click on “Sign up”:

If you asked to sign up you now get this panel to give details which (of course) you must remember to sign in next time:

After you have done that, and so registered at Yahoo! and logged in, in another window go to Groups here and click on the Mensa group you want to join. A Mensa member of the group will have to check your eligibility and approve with the Yahoo! system, and then you will be able to participate in the group.